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Our First Enormous WALKING BUS

Powered by the good old-fashioned leg work, our first Walking Bus was truly an ENORMOUS one and the first in Ealing!  The event was attended by  staff, parents, governors, children, volunteers and representatives from the Ealing Travel Team and head of Transport. On a beautiful warm, sunny morning, the bus travelled through Southall park—while it’s passengers  soaked in the natural beauty of the park, chatted  and bonded with each other. It was a great opportunity for everyone to catch up on each other’s news  and notice our surroundings.

A big, big THANK YOU to everyone for joining us and making the bus such a success and for supporting us in our attempt to reinforcing the important message behind  walking. 

To end the walk, after eventually holding the traffic to a standstill on the South Road/ Park Ave junction, we were greeted by a special visitor at the school gates —Terri the Tiger gave children high–fives to all children as they entered school. 

WELL DONE everyone and remember walking isn’t just something to do during the Walk to School week or when we hold the Walking Bus. It can be built into your weekly pattern of travel.


Read more about all the other activities during Walk to School Week 2019 in Newsletter 13 (23/05/19)

2014, 2016 & 2019: GOLD status awarded to Hambrough for all our travel initiatives

We note that with the increase in the amount of traffic on the roads, accidents on the roads involving children – quite often during their journeys to and from school - have also increased.

Through various initiatives eg “Walk to School Week”, we promote sustainable, safe & healthy travel options, for those living out of the area, to reduce car journeys, congestion and pollution.

Please encourage children to walk, cycle, or scoot to school (and make use of our cycle and scooter pods for parking bikes and scooters). The school offers cycle proficiency to Year 5 and Year 6 (in the summer) provided by Cycle Training UK Ltd.

  • Being active on the way to school leads to more awake and alert pupils in the classroom
  • Walking, scooting and cycling helps improve air quality and the local environment around their schools by removing the number of cars around the school gate
  • Children need at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. The journey to and from school is an ideal time for children to engage in physical activity
  • Reducing car use and congestion around the school gates increases pupil safety and reduces harmful toxic fumes
  • Walking / scooting and cycling to school are great ways to help pupils become familiar with their local environment

Road Safety:

  • The importance of Road Safety and Healthy School Travel  is taught within the PSHE lessons
  • Road Safety issues are raised at assemblies, through class work , special events and national campaigns

  Click here for the school’s Travel Policy

We've been featured in the Around Ealing magazine, click image below to view




I’m gonna walk to school
I’m gonna save on fuel
Because pollution isn’t good
For the environment!

I’m gonna think of the trees
And enjoy the cool breeze,
When I’m walking or cycling to school.

And if it’s raining, I’ll take an umbrella,
‘cos that’s no reason to drive,
Or if I’m tired, I’ll have a little more time,
So I can walk slowly but won’t be late!

Latest Information/Up coming events

WALK......WALK......WALK........ WEEK 18th MAY 2020

WALKING WEEK - beginning 18th May 2020 will still take place - even though we are not walking to school!. We  have put together a list of simple ideas for you all to take part and still keep active. Government advice currently is that we can go out and take part in exercise with our immediate family members  so the emphasis this year will be on being active whilst keeping safe. We encourage you to all walk, cycle, scoot as much as possible throughout the week and send your pictures or designs to the following address, marked for Mrs Verma:  admin@hambrough.ealing.sch.uk

An outline of the week to follow has been drafted as below.

Monday 18th - Walk / cycle or learn to cycle /scoot in the park with your family members. Send in pictures or drawings or do a write up and describe how it felt. Scan and send these.

Tuesday 19th - Design a bookmark - template attached in this newsletter. Scan  and send this to admin@hambrough.ealing.sch.uk

Wednesday 20th - Happy Shoes Day - send in pictures of your walking “Happy” shoes .

Thursday 21st - Create your own Walking Bus with your own immediate family members. Walk in a line, start at one end of the park or your garden (a few times) and finish by walking all around the park. Take pictures and send these to admin@hambrough.ealing.sch.uk

Friday 22nd - Help cook a stay active “Rainbow“ themed healthy lunch with your family. Take pictures or draw your creation and send these in again to the admin address.



This is an exciting competition that your child, with your support, can take part in. The competition is run by the local authority and links with our citizenship theme "Climate Action". Winning entries from the Ealing Borough will be made into a real banner to be hung outside the school, the overall winning design will win a bike for the school! Create a banner that encourages people to pollute less to improve the quality of the air for everyone in London. See the attached document for more information and use the template on page 2. Make your banner as eye catching as possible!   CLOSING DATE FOR RETURNING YOUR ENTRIES to the school office is 25th FEBRUARY 2020 - so you have the whole of the half-term holidays to come up with some good designs!

Click here to download the template and start creating your design.

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