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Physical Education

Our aim at Hambrough Primary School is to develop our children’s knowledge, skills and understanding in all areas of physical activity and provide opportunities for fun, creativity, challenges and healthy competition. By doing this, we aim to develop positive values of perseverance, tolerance and fair play amongst pupils. Our Physical Education (PE) curriculum aims to promote independence and team work, self-confidence and positive attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle, thus enabling our children to make informed choices and encouraging them to continue physical activity throughout their lives. As a school, we believe that physical education, experienced in a safe and supportive environment, is a unique and vital contributor to a pupil’s physical and social development and well-being.


Our curriculum allows pupils to develop the following disciplinary skills within the domain of Physical Education:

  • Acquiring and developing skills
  • Selecting and applying skills, tactics and compositional ideas
  • Evaluating and improving performance
  • Knowledge and understanding of fitness and health


The following categories of knowledge are used to support pupil retention of information by fostering the development of schemas:

  • Dance
  • Ball skills
  • Multi Skills
  • Gymnastics
  • Net/ Wall Games - Tennis
  • Invasion Games - Netball, Football, Quicksticks, Tag Rugby, NFL
  • Striking and Fielding - Kwik Cricket
  • Swimming
  • Athletics

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