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Healthy School Meals

Your child may stay for school dinners, bring a packed lunch, or return home at lunchtime. 

School Meals:

School Meals are provided by “Chartwells”,  cooked on the premises and served in the school hall. Meals are healthy, nutritious and great value for money. 

We are thrilled to announce that Hambrough Primary School's KITCHEN was awarded 5 STARS by Ealing Councils' Environmental Health Department in June 2022. We pride ourself with maintaining high standards in hygiene and food preparation and are delighted to receive the award.

The price of a school meal is £2.40.  We have now begun the cashless payment facility through a company named “School Money” (app (edsp.co/ sm login) – which operates through Teachers2Parents, which in turn is used by the school for sending text and email messages.

The new Schoolmoney facility allows parents and the catering company  to experience a more streamlined, cost-effective and efficient payment collection system in a secure and safe environment.

The system works well only if all records held on our database are correct. See intructions below for a step by step guide to making payments online.


Free School Meals

If you are receiving benefits/working tax credit or jobseekers allowance you may be entitled to claim Free School Meals. Regardless of whether your child is in KS1 (where all children receive a free meal anyway) or KS2 it is important for us to know which families are really entitled to Free School Meals due to need, based on their family financial circumstances, as this will mean that the school will receive valuable funds – which will be used in teaching and learning. Furthermore, YOU may be eligible to a reduced contribution towards school trips, journeys and curriculum activities.

Please ask for an application form for applying for Free School Meals from the school office.   Completed forms will need to be returned to the school office. The school office can help you with ‘Free Meal Applications.’

Packed Lunches

Food brought to school, as a packed lunch should be healthy.  The container should be marked with your child's name and class.  Please give children, pure fruit juice, milk shakes or water drinks with their packed lunch.  No glass bottles please coloured OR fizzy drinks.  Crisps, chocolates and sweets are not allowed! Packed Lunches are checked regularly to ensure they contain healthy meals.

If your child brings a packed lunch please give him/her the food he/she likes to eat. Parantha, Alloo Puri, rice etc are all acceptable. Please do not give drinks in a glass bottle. We encourage children to become health conscious and eat healthy food. Give your child water/milk/lassie or pure fruit juices. Colas and bright coloured drinks are not allowed. Crisps, Sweets and chocolates are not allowed although children may bring in biscuits.

Packed Lunch boxes will need to be sent with your child in the morning – WE WILL NOT ACCEPT LATE  PACKED LUNCH BOXES! If on any occasion you do forget, your child will be provided with a healthy school meal for which you will be charged.

If your child returns home at lunchtime, they must be collected by an adult at 12.00 p.m. Children who go home to dinner should return to school by 1.00 p.m.

The school’s “Healthy” Food & Packed lunch Policy" can be accessed from the Non-Statutory Policies page

Click here for  a step by step guide to making payments online

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