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We are new to Reception classes. We have been learning to have lunch in the dining hall and we are enjoying our yummy yummy lunch using our knives and forks.


We learnt about dental hygiene when a dental nurse came to our school and told us about good oral hygiene and how to brush our teeth properly.


We had a fun day when the’ big Digger’ came to visit us at our school and we learnt about road safety and how to be safe while walking on the road during the day and especially at night when its dark.


This term we have been learning about superheroes and read ‘Super Daisy and the peril of planet pea’. We experimented with peas and made ‘chocolate and peas cookies’ and ‘ peas sandwiches’ .


We are getting ready for Christmas and Santa to visit us in our Reception Classes.


Santaaaaaaaaaaa came to see us !!

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