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Active Hambrough 2018-2019

It’s been another eventful, busy and active year with a lot of firsts for Hambrough!   Once again the school participated in many initiatives throughout the year, in our endeavour to ensure children stay active, healthy and safe. This year meant our Gold status needed to be renewed  and maintenance of Gold was one of the school's key priorities in our School Improvement Plan.

The year kick-started when staff were consulted on active travel at our first Inset day and the SDP for 2018/2019 was shared with all. One of our key priorities highlighted this year was to "embed initiatives supporting healthy and sustainable methods”. Our travel working party met and put an action plan together, strategically linking initiatives with healthy travel, healthy schools, PSHE and RRSA global goals. The working party initially was a four-member group (Head, Travel, PSHE and Healthy Schools co-ordinators) that cross linked with the School Council. However, the working party expanded later in the year when the RRSA lead also joined the group and appointed a group of Global ambassadors to support the work of both Travel and RRSA initiatives.

OFFICIAL ADOPTERS OF SOUTHALL STATION: Our first project began in September when the school became official adopters of Southall Train Station in September 2018, due to its close proximity to the school. Members of MTR Crossrail delivered a special assembly on 10/09/18 & explained what the adoption would mean for the school. The school Council (who formed part of the Travel Working party group) attended a celebratory event on 14/09/18 and travelled on the Elizabeth Line, the main aim of which was to encourage more use of public transport and inform of transport, including Rail safety. Later in the year, MTR invited our school choir to sing at Paddington station and also take part in designing a Christmas card – winners of which were invited to travel to Liverpool Street and board the Santa Express to go to meet Santa himself. (Read more in Newsletters 2 and 7)

ROAD SAFETY WEEK: Road Safety Week took place during the week of  19th November and the whole school participated .  This year’s theme was “BikeSmart”! Read more about Road Safety Week in Newsletter During the week there were many activities such as:

  • A launch assembly: the assembly led jointly by Mrs Singleton and MTR  focused on BikeSmart, touching on on road-safety not only when biking or walking but also on rail and travel safety generally.  The assembly closed with the school choir singing the school Travel song.
  • Beep Beep Day (21/11/18): Children in Years 1 & 2 took part in Beep Day. They took part in age appropriate activities around Road Safety and Bike Safety. Resources were ordered from Brake and children put their creative skills to test in creating masks etc. This was a fun way of delivering the message to younger children to make them aware of the important message.
  • Daily Gate Patrol: Members of the school council, escorted by school staff, patrolled the front and rear entrances of the school to promote road safety, safer parking and generally encourage active travel to school.
  • Story time sessions in classes: Story time in all classes were linked to the road safety theme.
  • Digger Day for Reception & Nursery: a “Digger (courtesy of Waterside Development) was parked in our playground on 21st & 22nd November. Children had great fun visiting and learning about the safety aspects of being around large construction vehicles and general road safety.
  • Road Safety Banner Competition: Year 6 took part in “Design a Banner” Competition, the winner of which was Shayama Abdalla, whose banner was proudly displayed outside the school gates after a celebratory event, during Walk to School Week in May 2019.
  • Pedestrian Skills training (19/11/18): Year 3 classes received pedestrian skills training and learnt essential road safety skills to make them safer pedestrians. Training was delivered by “For2Feet”, in groups of 10 children with 2 experienced instructors. Each group received one 45 minute training session on pavements around the school. The training was an invaluable skill for children to acquire.
  • A Hands Up Survey: We undertook our annual hands up survey to ascertain travel to school culture on 20th October.

YTA ACTIVE TRAVEL CHALLENGE (19/11/18 – 23/11/18): In partnership with the Local Authority, the school ran the Active Travel Bookmark Challenge. The travel working party decided to run this during Road Safety Week 2018. School Councillors (and a staff member) were on timetable to be found in the playground at the beginning of the day for children to get their bookmarks initialled /stamped if they had taken part in the challenge i.e. walked/cycled/scooted to school.

WALK A MILE FITNESS WITH SCHOOL COUNCILLORS (w/c 21st & 28th JANUARY): Theme for our annual Citizenship weeks was “Healthy In & Out” when we learnt about the importance of being active in order to be healthy.  School councillors decided to run the Walk a Mile activity in the playground at the start of each morning during the 2 weeks.

WALKING BEARS (25/02/19 – 12/07/19): Teddy Bears were donated by a member of staff. Children in the Nursery introduced to this activity –all children, in rotation, got the opportunity to take Bailey, Billy, Blake or Bobby homeDuring the week children to discuss safety on the road and about their adventures. They will record and draw their experiences in a diary. The activity will continue until the end of the summer term 2019.

JUNIOR TRAVEL (GLOBAL) AMBASSADORS: Travel Co-ordinator, Healthy School Co-ordinator & RRSA (Rights Respecting) co-ordinator) joined forces and invited pupils to put themselves forward to apply for the role of JTAs. As a result, about  20 pupils applied and presented their manifestos and subsequently 16 were appointed. Their main focus for the rest of this year was to promote and cascade messages of sustainable active travel and reinforce the school’s rights respecting agenda to the school community. (Read more about the Global ambassadors in Newsletter 11)

VIDEO COMPETITION ON POOR AIR QUALITY: Our newly appointed Global Ambassadors were keen to tackle the issue of poor air quality around Southall and promote active travel. They saw the video competition launched by the LA as a perfect opportunity to spread their message. In a special assembly led by the Head they promoted the Big Pedal Challenge. They then spent most of their lunchtimes  over a period of about 8 days working on a video – laboriously putting together a script  and videoing the shots.  The video was compiled and then finally submitted to the LA on the 29th March.

BIG PEDAL CHALLENGE (29/03/19): The whole school community took part in a ONE-DAY Big Pedal challenge on 29/03/19. The event was promoted in an assembly led by the Head & Global Ambassadors, by  newsletter & texts to parents. The aim was to promote a cycling (& scooting) travel culture & choose the highest recorded class within the school with most pupils who cycled, scooted or walked to school on the day.  The cycle rack was overflowing. Three classes tied with the most recorded pupils scooting, cycling or walking on the day. Each class was presented with games for their classes in a celebration assembly. (Read more about the Big Pedal in Newsletters 10 & 11)

“THE VOICE” COMPETITION – 28/05/19: The school took part in “The Voice”  competition run by MTR Crossrail to promote rail travel safety.  Pupils were asked to do this activity in their own time, as homework. A total of 10 entries were submitted and we were absolutely delighted when one entry was chosen as the winning entry by MTR. The winner, Hetvi Patel was invited to Liverpool Street to experience a train journey in the driver’s cab and record a station announcement which was played in stations off peak times for a month. (Read more about the Voice winner in Newsletter 14)

WALK TO SCHOOL WEEK (17/05/19 – 24/05/19): Once again we took part in Walk to School Week, which is always a popular event. A launch assembly generated enthusiasm once again into walking to school. The assembly was led by the Headteacher and Global ambassadors. The assembly highlighted all the outline for the week and  ended with choir singing the school’s travel song (Check out the travel song and sing along to the lyrics).  Pupils were informed of all events planned: Travel Banner unveiling, Daily Walk a mile, Book Mark Competition & stamping, Daily Gate Patrol, Happy Shoes Day; Walking Bus, a Theme Lunch. (Read more  about this year's Walk to School week in Newsletter 13)

We learnt that walking has many benefits. Walking:

  • is good for the environment
  • is an opportunity to learn about road safety
  • keeps people fit and healthy
  • reveals hidden treasures in the community
  • provides quality time spent as a family.

The "Get Moving" challenge linked with the RRSA Global Goals  3 ,13 and 15 - " Good Health & Well-Being", "Climate Change" and " Life on Land". Activities were planned for all year groups throughout the week inside and outside the classroom, around these areas of work.  As part of the Active Travel Challenge we took part in a competition run by Ealing to design next year’s bookmark.  We asked children what they enjoyed about their journey to school and the designs showed some interesting and positive attitudes towards active travel.  The best designs – one each from each Key stage – were submitted to the Local Authority and children presented with gift vouchers for Halfords. And in addition.....

  • Every morning staff, parents and children were invited to WALK a MILE around the playground.  The designated teacher leading the Walk met children and parents every morning at 8.15am in the playground and walked 6 laps of both playgrounds.
  • On Tuesday 21st we held a “HAPPY SHOES DAY”. Pupils and staff wore shoes that made them happy and helped them to walk more. A total of £305.75 was collected, half of which was donated to Living Streets. The remainder was used to fund our Health Fair, held later in June 2019.
  • Each morning a member of staff and members of the SCHOOL COUNCIL  were on GATE PATROL while the Global Ambassadors were issuing stickers on all children who had walked, biked,  or scooted to school to stick on their bookmarks.  They also made sure that if you did come by car, you did so safely and in any event did not park or stop on the zig-zag lines. 
  • On Wednesday 22nd a special travel theme lunch was enjoyed by all
  • AND on Wednesday 22nd we launched our first ENORMOUS WALKING BUS. The event was publicised heavily by our global ambassadors and through display of posters, texts, a launch assembly, the school website and letters and newsletters sent home. The bus was indeed enormous and attended and enjoyed by staff, volunteers, governors, representatives from the LA Travel team and pretty much three-quarters of the school parent/pupil community. Read more on the Walking Bus page.

HEALTH FAIR (05/06/19): The school held its annual Health Fair on  05/06/19 to promote healthy eating and healthy lifestyles including WALKING.  Pupils enjoyed a Bike Smoothie and a Bike show among other activities. An activity timetable  was developed & parents urged to join the walking challenge each morning Cross-curricular activities included: visit by the dentist, walk a mile challenge, lunch-time helpers promoting healthy packed lunch ideas, healthy cooking, sports/fitness activities, health-related singing. (Read more about the Health Fair in Newsletter 14)

BALANCE BIKE EVENT:  We were delighted when ten pupils from Mayfield and Hambrough Primary Schools were selected to take part in a Balance Bike Celebration day, kindly hosted by Selbourne Primary School in their large field and playground on 11/06/19. There were balance bike races, a BMX display and lots of free time to ride bikes. The event goes a long way in developing children’s balance & co-ordination skills. (Read more about the Balance Bike event in Newsletter 14)

GO GREEN DAY FOR CLEAN AIR: As part of our Rights Respecting ethos, we held a GO GREEN DAY on 1st July to promote the importance of clean air. Once again our Global Ambassadors were on board spreading the word and promoting this event and as a special treat for their hard work  four lucky children got the opportunity to see the premier of Toy Story 4 at Leicester Square. (Read more about the Go Green Day in Newsletters 14 & 15)

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